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Can choosing the right nearshorer... sometimes exceed even U.S.-based support?

What has changed?

Any company dedicated to delivering excellent customer service/experience must occasionally challenge their existing practices and assumptions.

  • Are you settling for adequate when great could create brand-advocates?
  • Could you improve?
  • Do you know there's not a better option?
  • How can we deliver world-class customer service within budget?

Could you improve? What else is out there?

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  • Why Nearshoring with the right company is critical
  • What characteristics make for great CSR's in nearshoring countries
  • Do you know there's not a better option?
  • How doing it right led one company to 90%+ CSAT and higher revenues

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As a nearshore support partner to Fortune 1,000 companies, Clear Harbor has access to hundreds of support best practices, and can help you navigate strategies that improve metrics fast.

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