Clear Harbor


Are your support operations as good... as they could be?

DOWNLOAD, "Embracing Change to Create Customer Advocates"

Read how one company tested that concept... and wound up operating at a new level as a result.

Forward thinking companies continually ask themselves, "What could we be doing better? Where can we improve? Are we really as good as we think we are?" This white paper takes a look at a company that was, "Doing it the way we always have," and how by taking a hard look at their operations, managed to make huge improvements in CSAT and profitability.


  • A simple technique that took a household appliance company's support operations from a cost center to a profit center in just a few months.
  • How they combined this approach to acheive 90% CSAT and high NPS scores.
  • How they mitigated their risk during testing and rollout
  • And more.